Adorable Adornments

Adorable Adornments

We went all out this month to get the sweetest jewelry for you. Treat yourself and a loved one to a thoughtful new piece, and find joy sharing the love.


Mysterious and magical: Smokey Grey Heart Lariat Necklace


Classic and timeless: Floating Heart Necklace

Life of the party: Sundrip Heart Enamel Necklace

Sentimental and nostalgic: Coeur Locket



Cute and sweet: Blossom Enamel Heart Studs

Enchanted and celestial: Moon And Star Studs

Rock and roller: Fringy Macrame Earrings


Bold and beautiful: Full Heart Signet Ring

Heart on her sleeve: Band Of Hearts Ring

Stargazer: Moon And Star Ring

Pins too

Glass half-full type: Love, Enamel Pin

Has a thing for hearts: Heart Enamel Pin

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