Story of the Overflowing Cup

Story of the Overflowing Cup

“Look, there it is again,” pointing to the bright cluster of stars hanging in the sky as we looked up from the shore, I said searchingly,  “we need a name for it,” 

He replied with easy certainty, “It’s overflowing cup.”

The tiny constellation, so small that it could only be identified as multiple stars when I peered at it through our binoculars, looked just like a miniature little dipper, on perhaps a 100th of the scale.  Its strength in numbers illumination greeted me every evening, a beacon of magic that filled my heart.  

There’s an illusion of frequency; you see something once and then all of a sudden you keep seeing it everywhere.  I believe that’s true, but I also believe it can work in the other way, sometimes things repeatedly find you, instead of you finding them. 

I started the year not with a resolution, but with a mantra, “Overflowing cup.”  I wanted to feel like I am so well taken care of and loved that I have more than enough to give to others.  Fill my cup first, and overflow to others.  

Just into the start of the year with a new brand all about love, and the things that we love, we dubbed overflowing cup as the north star for our identity.  A fitting motto as we looked to our own homes, the objects that we treasure, and the items that we gravitate towards when selecting our personal mementos as inspiration to fill our store with only items that we truly love.

And as we slept on the deck of our boat under sparkling Caribbean skies, the constellation, as I later discovered whose name is Pleiades, was yet another symbol following me with its tiny dipper poised to spill over the world. 

May your cup runneth over
Fill it to spill it
Take care of yourself first to take care of others
Or another personal favorite is the story of Indra’s Web

Whichever translation you prefer, the intention is to fill up our cups first with life, love, care, health, wealth, inspiration, relationships, magic… and in that act of love, we overflow to those around us. 

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