Setting Intentions With A Vision Board

Setting Intentions With A Vision Board


Going into 2024, my friends and I decided to hop on the D.I.Y. trend of creating our own vision boards to set our intentions for the upcoming year. Before we all parted ways back to our college campuses, we got together, threw on a nostalgic movie (our collective favorite princess movie, Tangled), and got to work. 

Intention 1: Travel 

One thing that I am going to prioritize this year is travel. I absolutely love spending time in new and exciting places, and I want to experience more of that this year. 

Intention 2: Protecting my Peace

In 2024, I want to make sure that I am surrounding myself with things and people that make me happy. In order to be your best self, I believe that it is infinitely important to crowd your life with positive impacts. 

Intention 3: Live in the Moment

Something that I have struggled with for as long as I can remember is the ability to live in the moment. I tend to catch myself worrying about what’s to come, or dwelling on the past, and if I am able to focus on the now, I know it will have an incredible impact on my everyday life this year. 

After taking all of my dreams and values into account, here is the final vision board I created. With this board now hanging in my college bedroom, it will serve as a daily reminder of what I am aiming to achieve this year.

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