How A Day At Love, Fills My Heart

How A Day At Love, Fills My Heart

I am filled with gratitude to experience an abundance of love when working in our concept store. Simply seeing our vision come to life is full of magic. When Monica and I loaded up notebooks with or dreams and ideas of how we envisioned love, I didn't realize the final concept would be even better than imagined.

Seeing Love, Through My Eyes

Just being in the store, I am surrounded by sights, sounds, smells, and feels that all mean the world to me.

Monica created the most wonderful scent collection, with Signature and Abundance being my current favorites. What are yours?

Our tees and fleece are so cute! And soft! How can you go wrong with hearts and the word, "love,"?

The unisex black denim shirt is a layering staple, working as a light jacket when the store is feeling slightly chilly.

I have been in love with koalas since kindergarten. How fortunate that I even got to hold one in Brisbane on a corporate trip to Australia 25 years ago. (the koala was bristly like a brush, and pooped on me--luckily the poop smelled of eucalyptus!)

So then I recently had the opportunity to meet with the amazing Jessica of Ritual Soaps to create a custom scent. Inspired by my koala encounter, Down Under Heart Shaped Soap is a dream scent come true. Eucalyptus, tea tree, and lime make this soap shine.

Yes, of course I had to make a playlist of all love-themed songs for the store. Clocking in at nearly seven hours, still with plenty of songs out there to add!




Seeing Love, Through Your Eyes

"You had me at love"
"This is so my vibe"
"I LOVE it" (then giggles)
"When can you bring love, to my city?"
Above are just a sampling of your lovely comments upon visiting our store. From seeing your eyes light up while shopping, to spinning our "how do you love" wheel, getting photographed in front of our wall of love, (hi loves of my life, Diaz and Don!)
...I cherish seeing you experience our version of love. Thank you for supporting our dreams, and making my cup continuously spill over with love.
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