Heirlooms, New And Old

Heirlooms, New And Old

To see the store quickly come to life has been a dream come true. From family heirloom furniture acting as fixtures to  customers enquiring about the portrait pair, finally debuting love, has been remarkable. We are excited to share a bit more about the heirlooms that make our first love, location heartfelt and unique.

Family Heirlooms

The bouquet inlaid armoire that houses some of our apparel has been passed down for generations on my mom’s St. Clair side of the family (who resided on Warrington Avenue in Allentown growing up.)

The adorable mirrored desk once belonged to Monica’s mother, and receives loads of compliments.

These portraits represent our great grandmothers. There is a bit of magic having these photos reminding us of our past, as we bring new love, into the world. Can you tell which one is mine and which one is Monicas? Many of you have correctly guessed so far!


Someday Heirlooms

Brand new, but will become an heirloom someday, is the copper pipe rack lovingly made by my brother, Greg. He recently retired as a sheet metal worker, and was able to squeeze this one last project out of his shop. The details are most thoughtful, from the crimped bases to the “L O V E” letters stamped into the upper braces. Thank you so much, Greggie!

Make memories capturing a moment in front of our love, ivy wall featuring a treasured 1954 Schwinn bicycle. We love taking photos for you. (Hi, Diaz!)

Our engraved "love," locket necklace will quickly become an heirloom. Open up the heart and tuck your treasures inside.

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