Forest Floors And Old Growth

Forest Floors And Old Growth

Nature is a huge inspiration for us here at love, bringing us joy, peace, solace, and delight. The forest is majestic inspiration for our fall collection: Forest Floor

Forest Floor

Walking in the woods

The forest floor serves as a bridge between the above ground living vegetation and the soil. The colors, smells, shade, and feelings underfoot put us right into the mood for fall. Who doesn't love a good tree-hugging?

The forest ground offers a wonderful way to bring nature back home with you. Collect branches, leaves, cones. Our new glass vases are ideal for showcasing your wooded treasures.


Old Growth Forests

We are in awe of the good work done by old growth forests.

"Old-growth forests have received much recent attention because they offer a nature-based solution to the effects of climate change. The leaves, branches, trunks and roots of old-growth trees, as well as to the soil below, store significant amounts of carbon and sequester carbon to keep it out of the atmosphere. These forests have been doing this work for centuries!" - Pennsylvania Parks & Forests Foundation.

Learn more here Old Growth Forests

If you are in the wonder of the woods, don't forget to bring along our Tree Finder book.


Jade Shades

The colors of leafy nature are infused throughout our new fall items.  Here are a few of our favorites.

Soothing Stones

Green jade feels soothing to the senses, offering equal parts healing and luck.

Our new Jade Beaded Bracelet is a welcome addition to your fall look.

If you would like to learn more about jade, visit Tiny Rituals

Looking for some pocket size protection? Tuck away a gorgeous Green Aventurine Heart in your jacket. Made of quartz and known for balancing the heart, protection, growth, and good luck. 


Wear in the woods

We adore the pine green version of our flirty crop tee. Layer it up while communing with nature.

Breezy meets cozy in our Greenstone short sleeve sweatshirt.


Old Growth Inspired

Send a small gesture of autumnal love with our Jade Heart Card, and help other catch the Forest Floor fever.

Delve into deep jade with a taper or two softly lighting your dining table.


Discover more Forest Floor inspired finds in our collection.



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