Creating a Wildflower Bouquet

Creating a Wildflower Bouquet

Chat with a Horticulturist: Creating a Wildflower Bouquet

I’m always amazed by the unique jobs my friends have or had. From traveling the US as a sound engineer with an experimental hardcore band to starting a small museum, I love friends telling me about their journeys and what brought them to where they are today.

When it comes to plants, farming, landscaping, or anything related to dirt and the environment, I go to my friend, Rychele Stipcak. Rychele is a horticulturist who has worked at Phipps Conservatory and also is a funny, fashionable gal. I knew that for love,’s latest collection “Wild and Free”, the concept involved natural elements such as wildflowers and it would be opportune to ask Rychele about wildflowers. More specifically, and after attending one of her flower arranging classes, how to arrange a wildflower bouquet.

I interviewed Rychele on things to consider and other tips and tricks she might want to share based on her experience:

LB: What is one of the first things people should be taking note of when they start arranging?

RS: Keep in mind what it’s going to be used for and where it’ll be placed. Will it be viewed from one side or all-around?

LB: Gotcha, so it seems like it’s better to have a vision in mind instead of going haphazard in the fields. Is there anything you can recommend while picking flowers?

RS: Don’t get too fixated on one color because you can make it more dynamic with varying textures and foliage.

LB: I love wildflowers and native plants, but love those very artsy kinds of arrangements. How do I make it look, I don’t know, more professional or artisanal?

RS: [...]make sure you cut a long enough stem so that the height of the arrangement makes sense with the size of the vase. If the vase is too big or tall, it’ll make the arrangement look too tiny.

LB: What are some unusual plants that you can add to a bouquet or arrangement? Or just generally some cool pieces?

RS: Branches, grasses, old seed heads —can add more interest too.

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